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Many things are stressful on your wedding day, I promise that with me, your photos will not be one of them.

On your special day, I will be a calm presence when we gather and do traditional wedding photos with you as a couple, your families, and your wedding party.

And then during the ceremony and reception, I will blend into the crowd seamlessly and capture your moments of joy.

The day of the wedding, we very quickly pointed out who was who, and that was it! Alisa completely took matters into her own hands and once we were done with the posed wedding party shots, she was off doing tons of candid’s of everyone we had pointed out. I barely even saw her again until the end of the day when she was ready to pack up – that’s how stealthy she was!

Your investment will be based on the total time you would like a photographer present at your wedding. We will confirm the fee after our consultation so that you know exactly what to expect. See estimates below.

I look forward to hearing what makes you tick as a couple during your free no-pressure phone conversation to see if we are a good fit.

Alisa Matheson

Wedding Photography
  • Pricing per hour*
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Your day, your way
  • Before, during and after the ceremony
  • 100+ lightly edited photos per hour
  • All digital downloads included
  • Love to travel!
*Example wedding schedule and fee #1
  • 3-5 p.m. Couple and Wedding Party
  • 530-630 p.m. Ceremony
  • 7-10 p.m. Reception
  • Total photography hours 7 = $1050
Example wedding schedule and fee #2
  • 3-5 p.m. Couple and Wedding Party
  • 530-630 p.m. Ceremony
  • Total photography hours 3.5 = $525

Scroll down for portfolio and wedding photography reviews.

All Sessions Include

  • A flat fee, with all digital downloads included
  • A private online gallery where you can view, download and order prints. (preview)
  • A secure link to share your photos with family and friends
  • Affordable and straightforward pricing
  • Instant booking and online payment
  • A 5-star rated photographer

Past Wedding Client Reviews

“Alisa, I just saw the wedding pictures and can’t believe my eyes. You caught so much that I did not see! They are truly the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen in my life (due to the stunning beauty of the bride but even more to your artful expertise). I can’t wait to see all of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Carol, Mother of the Groom

“Alisa did a amazing job taking my wedding photos!!! Everyone really likes my pictures and I get so many compliments on them. I loved that she was so flexible with everything that I wanted. My friends and family just loved her. We recommend her to our friends and family. We will def. be going back to her for future pictures!! Thanks so much Alisa for making our day so great and capturing amazing pictures!!!” Ashley

“Alisa is a wonderful photographer! She is professional, flexible, friendly, and takes fantastic pictures! The wedding went by so fast. When we looked at our pictures a couple days later, I was delighted with all the special moments she captured, not only of my husband and I, but also between all our family and friends. Thank you, Alisa, we love the photos!” Emily

“Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding! The photos look fantastic! Josh and I are utterly pleased with how they turned out. You did a wonderful job. I look forward to receiving the CD. Again, thank you for all your hard work!” Emily

“Alisa took all of the stress out of my wedding photography. She was super flexible, easy to get a hold of and incredibly personable. She took everything we asked for in our photos and captured our wedding perfectly! Alisa was amazing with our son and she really managed to snap photos that were so reflective of his personality. She was also really quick in getting our photos back to us – the edited versions and all (even though I was annoyingly antsy!)  I love the way they turned out and am so happy with the ease and convenience of Alisa’s business. Thank you!!” Marci

Marci Swenson
Wedding on 2010-08-28 (review on

What was your favorite wedding photo?

The photo of our son looking at the ring we had given him. Alisa captured the moment so well, with mine and my husband’s ring in the shot as well and our son’s expression of pure excitement and happiness.

How did the photographer make you and family comfortable?

Alisa is incredibly personable and was able to quickly pick up on everyone’s personality and never tried to push us out of our comfort zones (which we discussed at our pre-wedding meeting).

Ashley Erickson (review from

What was your favorite wedding photo?

My favorite wedding photo would have to be the one’s of Dylan and me by the tree

How did the wedding photographer avoid disrupting the day? Great with candids? Action shots? Portraits?

She was great with everything.

How did the photographer make you and family comfortable?

She was very nice and welcoming. My friends and family liked her alot!

Engagement Pics

Each engagement session is tailored to the couple. I focus on who you are as a couple and what you love about being together.

Are you quirky or serious? Do you love baseball? Do you love nature? The photos that last are ones that encapsulate who you are as a team.

You can book a concierge or mini session below, or contact me for more info.

Concierge Session
  • 45-60 min session
  • 100+ lightly edited photos
  • All digital downloads included
  • Peak customization
  • On location or at your home
  • Book according to your schedule
Full Session
  • 60 min session
  • 100+ lightly edited photos
  • All digital downloads included
  • Minneapolis and St Paul
  • Pre-selected locations
  • Pre-selected dates
Mini Session
  • 15 min session
  • 50+ lightly edited photos
  • All digital downloads included
  • Minneapolis and St Paul
  • Pre-selected dates
  • Pre-selected locations

Engagement Portfolio

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Affordable engagement and wedding photography in South Minneapolis, MN, with a personable, laid-back, and professional natural light photographer.

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